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Wooden Spice Box or Stainless Steel Indian Spice Box: Which Is Better?

Having trouble picking from a Stainless Steel Indian Spice Box or Wooden Spice Box? 

Well, that’s fine. While both of them have been used by many people over the years, it is important to know why each one is ideal and what you should look out for.

Since spices intrigue us and sometimes, pose a difficult challenge for choice, it is common to encounter problems such as this one and as always, I’m here to help. 

Whether you’re a lover of Indian delicacy, a chef, or just love to cook and explore dishes from all over the world, Masala Dabba is a must-have if you’re looking to enjoy the incredible goodness of flavoured spices from all over the globe. 

However, if you’re new to the world of Masala and want to understand the basics first, you can check out this resource for all you need to know about Masala. 

Once you have a basic grasp of what Masala is all about, you’re in a much better place to think about the choice of options between a Wooden Spice Box or one that’s made out of steel. 

Masala Dabba: What to expect?

Traditionally, there are seven different spice cups in Masala Dabba. Inside these spice cups, you’ll put seven different spices of your choice. 

Also, for every wooden or stainless steel Masala Dabba Indian spice box, you get a teaspoon for each spice cup or a teaspoon for all the spice cups. 

An indigenous Masala Dabba is a stainless steel and usually flat with a tightly fitted lid. This lid comes between six inch and twelve inch diameter

Stainless Steel Indian Spice Box

Stainless Steel Indian Spice Container

Stainless Steel Indian Spice Box

The standard stainless steel Masala Dabba Indian spice box is as implied made out of steel. 

Typically, they have a diameter of about 7.5 inches and a height of 3 inch. 

Also, just like the Wooden Spice box, stainless steel Masala Dabba contains seven-spice containers, one box, one spoon, and two lids made of stainless steel. 

This elegant box has an ergonomic design which makes it flawless for easy handling and uniquely perfect for storing frequently used spices. 

Traditionally, the stainless steel Masala Dabba Indian spice box is commonly used in Indian kitchens to store the most commonly used spices.

All things considered, stainless steel spice boxes will offer you some advantages should you decide to buy one. They include; 

  • It is made from fine stainless steel materials which ensures its strength, quality, and durability.

  • It’s special stainless steel containers which are made from quality steel help keep food spices fresh and make them last longer.

  • It’s double lid design helps in preserving the natural aroma and freshness of spices.

  • Its stainless steel nature makes it easy to clean and gives it an excellent ability to store seven types of spices that are used on a daily basis.

  • The canisters inside the stainless steel box fit neatly into the spice box, making it seal the aroma and freshness of spices tightly.

However, to enjoy these benefits you should be prepared to endure a few trade-offs compared to other types of spice boxes. 

  • The stainless steel Masala Dabba is likely to get rusty after a while because of its stainless steel nature

  • It is prone to getting badly scratched by sharp objects in the kitchen or during shipping

  •  It is quite expensive

  • Dirt from the kitchen surrounding could get trapped under glass tops and that might not translate to an easy cleaning process.

Wooden Spice Box

Wooden Spice Box

Wooden Spice Box

The Wooden Spice Box is an aesthetically pleasing spice box that comes from Sheesham wood with nine compartments for spices and a teaspoon to store Indian spices. 

Each container has a length and width of 2.1 inches with a height of 1.1 inches and overall weight of 748 grams. 

This wood is handcrafted in classic brown color, making it stand out as a traditional Indian art piece, thus, giving a traditional feel to your kitchen. It usually comes with a wooden spoon, also made from Sheesham wood. 

In addition, the Wooden Spice Box serves as a multipurpose utility box as it stores not only food spices but also refreshments, dry fruits, jewelry, and other small items in one place. 

Advantages of the Wooden Spice Box

  • It can store spices for up to 10-15 days depending on the usage after which you need to refill the box. 

  • It is perfect for storing spices, refreshments, dry fruits, jewelries, and other small items.
  • Will not rust over a period of time due to use and (or) wash

  • The Wooden Spice Box is built first for elegant sturdiness as opposed to mere durability

Disadvantages of the Wooden Spice Box

  • The Wooden Spice Box is not airtight 

  • It cannot be washed without loss instead, cleaning a damp cloth is more suitable

  • It can suffer attacks from wood pests and other insects which may, inturn contaminate your spices


Having spent quite a bit of time using both stainless steel Indian spice box and the wooden type, I’ve come to the following understanding: 

While the Wooden Spice Box expresses the traditional Indian art and is less expensive, the stainless steel Masala Dabba Indian Spice Box is the perfect deal for me. 

Personally, I struggled with keeping my spices fresh for longer and only achieved a higher spice life when I opted for one of the steel Spice box models on Actieo.

No one wants their spices’ freshness and aroma is gone because of a loose container lid. Hence, I found that it was better to opt for one that’d keep them longer and tighter.

That said, the Wooden Spice Box was delightful to own with many benefits. When making a purchase decision, you’re welcome to make the call based on budget and other variables that affect you.


If you’re looking to enjoy the delicate goodness of Masala or spice in general, you’ll need a good place to store it. 

While Jars and other generic containers are adopted by some, they don’t fulfil the minimum requirements necessary for the longevity and freshness of your spices. 

Personally, I’ve enjoyed using the stainless steel Indian spice boxes because they keep my spices fresher for longer but traditionalists like my friend Anjie still prefer a wooden spice box. 

Once you’ve learnt enough to decide whether you want a wooden spice box or a steel one, the sections above can help you make a decision. 

While you decide, you should make sure to consider the specifics of your own situation and draw an informed conclusion based on that.

Also, you’re welcome to check out other authoritative resources if you’re looking to learn more about it.  

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