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Best 5 Masala Dabba Box Spice Containers To Keep Your Spices Fresh

Garam Masala is the crown jewel of spices from the Indian subcontinent and a very popular option for making food taste better in many homes all over the world. Masala Dabba Box keeps all your spices intact in one container.

Some of its ingredients include such items as cumin, cinnamon, clove, bay leaves and other whole spices have been tested to come with medicinal properties that renew your body and mind. 

Although tons of people enjoy this tasty spice, storing it is another matter. Typically, whole spices typically last for at least six months before they lose their freshness but when stored the right way, they can last up to a year. 

Handcrafted, artisanal, Masala Dabba spice boxes are the best way to keep your items fresh and long-lasting and they also add a glow to your kitchen. 

If you take some time to check out the section below, you’ll find tons of interesting options that’ll make your spices stay longer and taste better with this masala Dabba. 

 What’s an Ideal Masala Dabba Box Like?

To start with, Masala Dabba is a spice container, with seven small containers of Indian spice, a tightened lid, and a spice spoon, packed inside an Indian stainless steel or wooden box, and is widely used in Indian kitchens.

If you’re into Indian food, then adding Masala Dabba to your kitchen cabinet is a step in the right direction. If not, then that’s just fine as well. 

Masala Dabba serves as great storage places for all your spices. If you’re looking to make healthy, tasty meals for your family, you should get one. 

5 Best Masala Dabba Spice Boxes For Your Kitchen

1. Actieo Designer Masala Dabba Box Kitchen Set

Actieo Masala Dabba Box is made out of high-grade stainless steel which is beautifully patterned and coated for clean food storage and hygienic goodness. 

It’s great if you cook out of a small kitchen and want a simple way to organize your spices. Also, the spoon is built for easy reach so you’re always comfortable as you cook. 

If you’re looking for a spice box that looks great and stores well, the exclusive Masala Dabba kitchen set works pretty well. 

2. The Three Sisters Stainless Steel Indian Spice Container Box

This spice box comes hand-crafted in high-quality stainless steel to last you for a while to come. Other than its durable build, there’s also a ton of interesting features as well. 

Once it arrives, you’ll find that it comes in a unique build that has 8 central canisters and one large central divider so you have all the space you need for your food storage. 

Besides, this spice box is built to give you the ultimate experience of spice with its canisters which are calibrated so your spices last as long as they are fresh. 

Also, you’ll get glass lids above each canister and ingredient labels so you’re always aware of how much space there is and never have to run out. 

3. The Three Sisters Stainless Steel Masala Spice Box Container

If you’re cooking all the time for a restaurant or a take out service and use Masala a lot with your cooking, you’ll want to opt for the 8 inch three sisters Masala spice box.

This set comes with all the value of 8 canisters, one divider and all the other awesome qualities of the smaller Masala spice box.

Also, combined with the 8 inches of store space, you’re still getting the right storage calibrations so that you can enjoy your spices while they’re fresh and run out just when they start to lose taste.

If you’re cooking for a larger family or as a service to the community, you’ll want to buy the three sisters stainless steel Masala spice box to keep your spices fresh, tasty and healthy.

4. Navathri Masala Dabba Indian Spice Box

If you’re looking for a spice box that adds a touch of luxury to your kitchen, then this is it. The Navathri is handcrafted with precise measurements that suit all of your storage needs.

If you’re on the market to find a simple, effective and tasteful way to store your spices then you should opt for this one.

Also, the craft that goes into the Navathri re-invents the traditional spice box to come with seven spice cups and a small spoon that you can use to serve dry fruits and other small items in your kitchen.

The Pure brass Masala box takes durability to a whole new level with a powerful, non-corrosive brass box that keeps your spices fresh in a compact, sturdy frame for an awesome experience. 
With pure brass, you’ll get 7.5 inches of breadth in spacious design that leaves nothing to be desired. Also, you’ll get an original, brass hammered lid so you can keep all your items fresher for longer. 


What Spices Do You Put in Your Masala Dabba Box?

Once you’ve made your purchase, your Masala Dabba can store any spice that you’re interested in. Some of the popular spices that you might store include turmeric, red chilli powder, cumin powder, Garam Masala and Cumin seeds.  

How Do I Use Masala Dabba Box?

As you’ll find, when using a Masala Dabba, there are compartments designed for you to transfer your different spices into.

Therefore, all you need to do is consider your day-today cooking activities, set aside your frequently used spices, and pour them sectionally into the Masala Dabba.

Beyond this, depending on what’s natural, you may use the small spoon that comes with the set or pinch spices once you’ve washed your hands.

Where can I Buy Masala Dabba Box?

A quick search on Google is a great way to start. If you’re searching for the traditional types, you can go on Amazon, Etsy or any other mass-market outlets online. Otherwise, Actieo is a great place for handcrafted, high-quality Spice boxes .


Getting your spices right can completely transform your cooking experience. A spice box is a great way to ensure that your spices stay fresh for as long as possible. 
If you’re looking for something that’ll make your kitchen come alive, you can find great options online through Amazon, Etsy, Actieo and other online platforms. 

Also, Masala Dabba makes a great gift if you’re searching for an item to delight all your customers. 

Whatever your needs are, as long as you’re prepping for your kitchen, a Masala Dabba is a great option for you. 

Whether it’s Indian spices or your run of the mill seasoning, you’ll want to be storing it the best way possible. A Masala Dabba is it.

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