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Which Spices Are Great To Include In The Indian Spice Set?

If you’re going to enjoy the very best of Indian delicacy, it is unlikely that you’ll do it without the range of spices that come together to create the special taste that has come to be known as Masala. Why should you care? For one, Masala comes complete with medicinal properties that can help you with digestion, flatulence and even bad breath. 



The chemical properties that the Indian spice set carry can act on the human body in very curative ways by stimulating the release of gastric juices, antioxidant properties and maintaining gastrointestinal health. Whether you’re cooking for your family, researching better food habits or experimenting for your new take out place, you can’t do without these spices. 

However, as with everything in life, some spices are better than others. They’re planted, groomed and nurtured with more care than your run of the mill item. Find below some of the spices that have been tried, tested and trusted by thousands of buyers with positive results. 

7 Awesome Spices For Your Indian Spice Set

Spices Village Cumin seeds

If you’re on the market for a vendor that brings wholeness and combines it with cumin, this brand does it best. 

Not only do you get an earthy, warm flavour, you also get a great taste every time you add it to food.

If you’re vegetarian, you’ll be pleased to learn that cumin seeds add a depth and complexity to the gastronomy of your plant-based diet. 

Whether you’re searching for a healthy spice that improves your diet or something to add a little taste to your meals, these cumin seeds are first on the Indian spice set list because they do a great job of it.

Spices Village Garam Masala

Garam Masala For Indian Spice Set

The village spice Garam Masala includes a rich base of spices that include coriander, cloves, black pepper spices, nutmeg among others.

If you’re looking for a great way to lower your blood sugar, enhance your cardiac systems and brain, the spice village Garam Masala can really help. You’ll also get a warm, sweetness in your food and a rich combination of minerals to your meal. 

You should also know that the Garam Masala is a fresh spice and that’s free of GMOs and MSGs, and so, you can trust that you’ll be served well by your food.   

Organic Turmeric Root Powder

Indian Turmeric Powder For Spice Set

If you’re looking to enjoy the many benefits of antioxidants without having to pop any pills or take medication, the organic turmeric root powder is an important part of the Indian spice set and an awesome option for your family. 

What’s better? It tastes good in food. 

Whether you’re a chef or just making food for the family, organic turmeric is an important option for you to consider. 

You should know, studies have established turmeric to be useful for inflammation and so, if you’re searching for something that helps with that, organic turmeric helps. 

Spices Village Coriander Powder

Organic Coriander Powder For Spice Set

Once you decide to buy this spice, you’ll get a delicate combination of a minty-lemony citrus flavour and tasty goodness that’s both irresistible and necessary for all your culinary needs. 

Also, you should know that coriander enhances the nutritional value of your meal and adds tons of health benefits to your diet as well. 

Coriander is also said to have some curative properties for your cardiovascular health, heavy menstrual flow, indigestion and other infections. 

You may add coriander powder to your fried foods, breakfast items and even bread should you be so inclined. 

Red Chili Powder

Red Chili Powder

If you love pepper or want to add a tang to your food while taking stock of your health and getting the very best in tasty goodness you have to check this out. 

Once you’ve got your order, you’ll get the very best of Capsaicin which is the main active ingredient as well as healthy doses of carbs, protein and fibre. 

If you’re on the market for a great option for your stews, salads and sauces, you should definitely get into this red chili powder as soon as you can. 

If you’re not into pepper but know someone who is, you should buy this as a gift to them and trust me, they’ll love you for it. With 60,000 Scoville units of raw power, red chili powder is quite simply, an awesome option for your pepper fella. 

Cloves Whole

Cloves Whole

Cloves whole offers you the very best quality of hand-picked, high-quality cloves with great flavour, warm aroma and amazing taste. 

Once you get into this herb, you’ll find that it has an authentic bitter taste which stems from its Indian heritage and adds depth to your meals because of this. 

Clove seeds can also add an extra dimension to your baked meals, spice blends and even your beverages if you’re into this sort of thing. 

Also, Clove seeds are awesome for your dental health with healing effects that can enhance your dental hygiene by inducing their microbial properties and protecting your gums, and mouth in the process. They can also improve your liver and bone health as well. 

Granulated Garlic

Granulated Garlic

Garlic is a widely used spice all over the world. Its flavour is one of the key reasons why it’s loved by so many around the world. Depending on what you’re looking to do, you may mince, toast or roast your herb to get specific flavours and tastes.

If you’re going to opt for the spice village granulated garlic, you should know that it’s Kosher, non-GMO, non-MSG and gluten-free as well. Also, they store pretty well, lasting for several months if you use a cool, dark place. 


If you’re going to enjoy the very best that the Masala Indian spice set has to give, you’ll need each and every one of these spices to play a part. If you’re up for it, you might as well get the very best of Masala. 

The products on this list are not only rich in nutrients and exotic flavours, they’re the best in the world and thousands of happy buyers are all the proof you need. 

Whatever your needs are, from health to culinary, you can trust these brands to deliver golden goodness to you and your family always. All spices can fit in this spice container. Enjoy your Masala!

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